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MS in Educational Studies (current educators)

The Master of Science in Educational Studies is designed for candidates who are practicing teachers or experienced, educational professionals seeking to advance their career and profession. This program will provide candidates with strong subject matter content and pedagogical knowledge, thereby addressing the certification requirements of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) and advancing their research skills. Consistent with Eastern’s mission and strategic plan, this program will “prepare students for careers or advanced study while providing them with the lifelong skills and confidence needed to succeed in a world of constant economic, social, and technological change."

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A Master of Science Degree in Educational Studies

Is composed of the following features:
  • Applies an Interdisciplinary approach
  • Highlights issues and trends for teaching English Language Learners (ELL) and special learners
  • Provides content area focus on teaching, literacies, and research for all learners
  • Offers clinical experiences
  • Incorporates a collaborative data literacy project 
  • Culminates in a school impact assignment in a clinical setting the content knowledge area

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