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Student Employment


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Below you will find the answers to some common employment questions and details on many employment topics at Eastern. Any further questions that may arise, please inquire at the Student Employment Office.

Email: Phone:(860)465-4435

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    • Working while attending Eastern is a longstanding part of the way students help finance their education.
    • Holding a part-time job has been shown to improve a student’s chance of persisting to graduation.
    • It provides another opportunity to get involved with campus culture.
    • Students have the potential to gain significant work experience, which can provide a major advantage upon graduation.
  •  You can view all currently available jobs and apply at

    • The majority of job opportunities come in August just before the new academic year followed by another increase during the winter intersession.
    • We recommend that you check the website on a regular basis, as jobs are posted throughout the year.
    • If you apply for a job, we recommend you follow-up with the supervisor listed. This shows interest and increases your chances of getting an interview, therefore increasing the chance of being hired.
  • Check your Financial Aid Offer on your eWeb account:

    • If Federal Work Study is listed, you have Work-Study.
    • If you don't see Federal Work Study listed, then you would choose Operating Fund.
    • If you are still unsure, you can contact the Student Employment Office.

    The main difference between Work-Study and Operating Fund is where the funding comes from:

    • Work-Study is Federally Funded
    • Operating Fund is funded by the individual departments in which you would be working and is based on their available annual budget.



  • Students may receive Federal Work Study as part of their financial aid offer if:

    1. They indicate an interest when filing the FAFSA
    2. Demonstrate financial need
    3. Meet Eastern’s priority filing date (March 1st)
    Eastern has many opportunities to work on and off-campus, both through the Federal Work Study Program and Operational Funding.

    Important Notes:

    • Work-Study will not pay towards your bill generated by the Bursar's Office.
    • Work-Study should be seen as potential earnings for the year as you will need to be hired for a position to keep Work-Study.
    • There are 70-80 positions that are Work-Study eligible of about 800-900 positions On-Campus


  • Here are the guidelines, rules, and regulations for student employees:

    Student Employee Handbook