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Mathematics and Writing Placement Information

All Eastern students must successfully complete appropriate Liberal Arts curriculum courses in mathematics and writing as part of their bachelor degree program requirements. Students are placed in math and writing courses appropriate to their skill level at the time of enrollment at the University.


Placement into the appropriate math course(s) is based upon the highest SAT or ACT math score submitted as part of the admission process. Math course placement is based on the following:

SAT Math Score ACT Math Score Developmental Math Courses

450 or Below 1 to 16 MAT 098/101P Elementary Algebra

460 to 490 17 MAT 101W Intermediate Algebra w/ Workshop

500 to 540 18 to 21 MAT 101 Intermediate Algebra


SAT Math Score ACT Math Score Liberal Arts Curriculum Math Courses

550 to 590 22 to 23 MAT 130 Pre-Calculus Mathematics MAT 135 Mathematics for Liberal Arts MAT 139 Number System

600 and Higher 24 to 36 MAT 243 Calculus I with Technology

We strongly recommend students placed in MAT 098/101P, MAT 101, MAT 101W to STUDY and register to take the Accuplacer test. If your Accuplacer test results place you in a higher course, your math course placement will be changed accordingly. For information on the Accuplacer test, please visit the mathematics placement information website at:

The link below is a sample test that will help you prepare for the Accuplacer test. This sample test is closely related to the types of questions on the Accuplacer Test


Eastern students are required to write an essay to confirm placement in the appropriate first-year writing course.

In preparation for writing your essay, you must read the information that describes the two first year writing courses (English 100 and English 100P). To access the information, click HERE.

You will be placed in one of the following courses:

ENG 100 College Writing

ENG 100P College Writing Plus

For questions regarding Eastern’s writing placement test process, please contact Writing Program director Dr. Rita Malenczyk (, or Ms.Damali Abbensetts, Assistant Director of the Academic Services Center (