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CEE Workshop Presentation:
“Assessing Learning Outcomes Using Student Digital Projects”

Sudha Swaminathan
Martin Seymour
David Stoloff

Thursday, March 31, 2011
12:30 to1:30 pm

SPECIAL Workshop Venue

A showcase of ideas for student digital projects that might be used to assess learning outcomes in global citizenship, service learning, student center clubs and activities, the liberal arts core curriculum, and the First-Year Program. There will also be a hands-on workshop on using Microsoft SkyDrive and to collect and present creative expressions with digital “cloud” media by both students and faculty members.

Diagram of ECSU & "Cloud" resources Presentation Objectives:
To promote a discussion about accessible methods that will allow students to easily show examples of their academic work as well as independent projects and educational experiences.
This may serve two objectives: students will be better prepared with tools and practices for self-promotion regarding job and graduate school applications; secondly, as more students participate it may provide a student generated method of evaluating overall student body goals and achievements as they attend ECSU undergraduate studies.

In 1999 when I began teaching at ECSU, I decided to use the student portfolio as a method to simplify and organize my grading process. Students were asked to purchase a 3 ring binder and sleeves in order to compile all assignments throughout the semester; ready for periodic review of individual assignments and for final evaluation of the entire semester of work.

In the spring of 2000 when I was asked to teach a course limited to
Digital Photography the natural step was to have students
create a “digital portfolio”.
Tools available in the computer classroom/lab at the time were Powerpoint and the ECSU student web servers via their z:/drive web folders.
Currently accessed through the web address:

> Student Examples
ECSU (campus www2 server) Clubs & Campus Activities Reflections > Salome Miclette
ECSU (www2 server) Academic Writing samples Reflections > Sara Grzejszczak
WordPress Course Reflection w/links to Artifacts on ECSU (www2 server) > Amanda Weikel
WordPress index of Reflections w/links to Artifacts on Microsoft SkyDrive > Amanda Weikel
WordPress - Reflection/Assessment Academic goals > Amanda Weikel
WordPress - Reflection/Assessment 4-year graduation plan > Amanda Weikel
WordPress - Semester Reflection > Amanda Weikel
WordPress - Course Reflection LAP 130 > Amanda Weikel
WordPress - Independent Study Artifacts Reflection > Amanda Weikel
Best Eastern ePortfolio 2011- Student selected pages for competition
grouped by Rubric categories (Rubric from David Stoloff)
> Amanda Weikel
WordPress - Clubs & Campus Activities Reflections & Artifacts > Amanda Weikel
WordPress - Club and Campus Activity Reflection > Evi Correia
WordPress - Resume > Evi Correia
WordPress index of Reflections w/links to Artifacts on (google.sites) > Angela Carcio
WordPress index of Reflections w/links to Artifacts on (google.sites) > Angela Carcio
WordPress - Assignment Reflection > Angela Carcio
* - WordPress - Academic Portfolio Reflection > Hallie Faulkenberry - * Excellent site to explore many Artifacts
WordPress Reflection with Artifacts on (flicker) > Matt Cosma - (submitted for application to academic program)
WordPress - Course Reflection FYR 174 > Matt Cosma
WordPress - example as Self-promotion tool > Matt Cosma - (submitted for job application)
WordPress - example as Self-promotion tool > James Stafford - (submitted for job application)
WordPress - Internship Experience and Reflection > Nhat-Trung P. Duong
WordPress - Resume & References > Nhat-Trung P. Duong
WordPress - Course Reflection >Amy Erickson
WordPress - Course Reflection
(.. learned a lot about how women are portrayed in other countries)
>Megan Malik
Examples of Journal of Reflections Assignments
(this spring is first semester that students were required to post the assignment in their digital ePortfolio, previously the assignment was printed and handed in as part of each students physical binder portfolio)
Changing Journal of reflections to an online assignment increased the percentage of participating students who complete this assignment.
Reflections on first class > Lindsay Ancel
Reflections on first Film Darkroom experience > Lindsay Ancel
Reflections on first Paper Darkroom experience > Lindsay Ancel
Reflections on Lecture/demo: Focusing light via defraction > Lindsay Ancel
Reflections on intro video > Dyanna Riba
Reflections on first class > Linda Ricci
Journal of Reflections Assignment 1 & 8 > Megan Mardon
Journal of Reflections > Monica Mandville
WordPress - Assessment Reflection on Academic goals > Haley Wolverton
WordPress - Assessment Reflection Mission Statement > Haley Wolverton
Students were asked to follow the Instructional Model Guide to making an ECSU ePortfolio using WordPress. These are the introduction pages.

Guide to making an ECSU ePortfolio using WordPress

ePortfolio Model using WordPress - This page describes how to follow the Instructional Model.

ePortfolio using WordPress - This instruction page describes what the student should consider when writing self Reflection Assessments.

ePortfolio using WordPress - This page describes how to create pages.

ePortfolio using WordPress - This page describes how to make and organize menus.


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