COM 310-01
Digital Photography - Lecture/Lab
Monday & Wednesday 3:00-4:45 PM

4 credits
Classroom: COMBld 229
Lab: Media 109 & 229
Instructor - Martin Seymour  
Phone: 860.465.4354 / Voice-mail   

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Location Media 109

Communication Department   
Chair: Dr. John Hale    860.465.5201

Secratary: Monica W. O'Conner   860.465.4340

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Prerequisite: Com210 or similar class  
Prerequisite waived for graduating seniors or by instructor based on student interview.
Course Drscription:
  • Assignments focus is on venues of publication in mass media communication including photojournalism and marketing. Camera fundamentals, concepts of exposure and camera operation are reviewed.

  • Lecture/lab topics include image protocols and techniques for photo display and editing with PhotoShop.  Retouching techniques and photomontage are introduced along with ethical issues regarding image manipulation and the ownership protections of copyright laws. 
  • Students compile digital portfolios of their lab work for display in Powerpoint and a web portfolio.  Labs include use of and ECSU student ePortfolio instruction.

Course Objectives:
  • Students understand the tools and terminology of digital photography; students are able to visualize concepts and create meaningful pictures by understanding elements of composition and visual communication techniques to create dynamic images.   
  • Students gain a working knowledge of advanced digital camera controls; understand and employ methods and procedures for preserving digital work archives. Gain the ability to use Photoshop for advanced retouching and color correction and simple animations for web pages.
  • Acquire an understanding of the various image types, their qualities and application for printing, digital presentation and web publication. Gain an understanding of web publishing structures, file location logic, image issues and protocols.  
  • Enable students to achieve their desired visual expression with digital photography. Empower students to use  as a tool for serving their ePortfolios with photographic visual solutions to express their ideas.
  • Students understand best practices for a professional as well as a social ePortfolio communication tool for presenting current undergraduate accomplishments and beyond..
  • Prepare students for advanced photography studies and/or entry level positions at news media publications requiring significant photographic skills.
Required Materials:   * indicates DO NOT purchase until receiving directions from instructor
Digital camera: Recommend camera with mode for manual control of exposure and white balance settings.
recommended models discussed by instructor during first class

At least two 1gig Jump Drive plus: Blank recordable CDs

*Paper: one package of 15 sheets Photo quality inkjet paper.  (you may share with another student)
Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper.   This paper is designed for the printer in Lab109.
*Frames: (1) for final exhibition.

Textbooks: Barbara London and John Upton Photography  9th edition. ISBN: 978-13-175201-6  
      Magazines & Newspapers:
                               The Sunday New York Times     At least 4 issues by mid-term 
                                Willimantic Chronicle

Other Reading:   Handouts & Critique assignments.

Software used:  

  • Adobe PhotoShop CS5 (digital darkroom process)(images for web pages and animations).
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (portfolio presentations)
  • DreamWeaver (web page creation and editing)

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