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Author(s) Title Imprint Year Bibliographical Reference Note
Anon. An Essay Towards Real Moderation. The Second Edition London: Printed for John Morphew near Stationers-Hall 1716 ESTC T33454
Anon. Love's Invention. The Second Edition London: Printed for E. Curll at the Dial and Bible, and R. Francklin at the Sun, against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street 1718 ESTC N3235
Anon. The History of King-Killers London: Printed for and sold by W. Boreham 1719 ESTC T60652
Anon. The History of King-killers. The Second Edition London: Printed for S. Redmayne, and sold by J. Wilford at the Three Flower-de-luces in Little-Britain, J. Staggs in Westminster-Hall, and W. Boreham at the Angel in Pater-noster-row 1719 ESTC T60651
Anon. Passaw: or, The German Prince London: Printed at Dublin, and Reprinted for T. Bickerton, at the Crown in Pater-noster-Row 1720 ESTC N23647
Anon. An History of the Archbishops and Bishops, who have been Impeach'd and Attainted of High Treason London: Printed for J. Roberts, at the Oxford-Arms in Warwick-Lane 1722 ESTC T73014
"D. S—t"
Memoirs of the Life of Scriblerus London: Printed from the Original Copy from Dublin; and Sold by A. Moore near St. Paul's 1723 ESTC T39150
Anon. The Ever Green Edinburgh: Printed by Mr. Thomas Ruddiman for the Publisher, at his Shop near the Cross 1724 ESTC T143032 Missing volumes
Anon. A Letter from a Clergyman to his Friend London: Printed by A. Moore near St. Paul's 1726 ESTC T37778
Anon. A Collection of Epigrams London: Printed for J. Walthoe, over-against the Royal-Exchange, in Cornhill 1727 ESTC T41
Anon. Faithful Memoirs of the Grubstreet Society London: Printed for the Benefit of the Grubstreet Society, and sold by the Booksellers of London and Westminster 1732 ESTC T97922
Anon. The Life of Mr. John Dennis London: Printed for J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane 1734 ESTC T74492
Anon. Memoirs of the Society of Grub Street London: Printed for J. Wilford, behind the Chapter-house in St. Paul's Church-yard 1737 ESTC T97941
Anon. The New Amour: or Volminia's Complaint to her Lord London: Printed for T. Robins, in Fleetstreet, and Sold at the Royal Exchange, St. James's, Bond-Street, and Charing-Cross 1740 ESTC T65022
Anon. The Humours of Whist London: Printed for J. Roberts, in Warwick-Lane 1743 ESTC T36850
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