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Haywood, Eliza - The Agreeable Caledonian, Part II, 1729 (ESTC N29532)

Haywood, Eliza
The Agreeable Caledonian: Or, Memoirs of Signiora di Morella, a Roman lady. Who made her escape from a monastery at Viterbo, for the love of a Scots nobleman. Intermix’d with many other entertaining histories and adventures which presented themselves to her in the course of her travels. Part II.
Place of Publication: 
Printed for R. King, at the Prince’s-Arms in St. Paul’s Church-Yard; and sold by G. Strahan and W. Meadows, in Cornhill; T. Green, near Charing-Cross; J. Stone, near Gray’s-Inn; J. Jackson, in Pallmall; and J. Watson, over-against Hungerford-Market, in the Strand
Publication Year: 
ESTC Number: 
Oxford University - Bodleian Library, G. Pamph.2121(7)
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