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Atterbury, Francis - The Voice of the People, No Voice of God, 1710 (ESTC T50979)

Atterbury, Francis
The voice of the people, no voice of God: or, the mistaken arguments of a fiery zealot, in a late pamphlet entitl’d Vox populi, vox dei, since Publish’d under the Title of the Judgment of whole Kingdoms and Nations, &c. Fully Confuted, and his Designs prov’d to be Pernicious and Destructive to the publick Peace; which he cannot Answers, without Blasphemy and Perverting the Holy Scriptures, Publish’d for the Rectifying Mens Judgment in their Duty to the Establish’d Government. By F. A. D.D.
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Price Three Pence.
Oxford University - Bodleian Library, G. Pamph.2304(2)
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