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Defoe, Daniel - A Collection of the Writings of the True-Born Englishman, 1703 (ESTC T71926)

Defoe, Daniel
A Collection of the Writings of the Author of The True-Born English-Man. Viz. I. The True-Born English-Man. A Satyr. II. The Mock Mourners. A Satyr. III. Reformation of Manners. A Satyr. IV. The Spanish Descent. A Poem. V. The Poor Mans Plea, concerning Reformation of Manners. VI. An Enquiry into the Occasional Conformity of the Dissenters, in Cases of Preferment: With a Preface to Mr. How. Vii. An Enquiry into Occasional Conformity: Shewing that the Dissenters are no Way Concern’d in it. Viii. A New Test of the Church of England’s Loyalty. IX. The Shortest Way with the Dissenters. X. A brief Explanation of the Shortest Way with the Dissenters. XI. A Dialogue between a Dissenter and the Observator, concerning The Shortest Way with Dissenters. XII. Lex Talionis: Or, An Enquiry into the most Proper Ways to Present the Persecution of the Protestants in France. XIII. A Letter to Mr. How, by way of Reply to his Considerations of the Preface to an Enquiry into the Occasional Conformity of Dissenters
Place of Publication: 
Printed [for John How] in the year
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An unauthorized edition.
The printer was identified by John Robert Moore.
Cornell University, PR3401 .A3 1703b
A reproduction of British Library shelfmark G. 13273.
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