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Anon. - A Supplement to the Faults on Both Sides, 1710 (ESTC T66273)

A supplement to the Faults on both sides: containing the compleat history of the proceedings of a party ever since the Revolution: in a familiar dialogue between Steddy and Turn-Round, two displac’d officers of state. Which may serve to explain Sir Thomas Double; And to show How far the Late Parliament were Right in Proceeding against Dr. Sacheverell, by way of Impeachment.
Place of Publication: 
Printed for J. Baker, at the Black-By in Pater-noster-Row
Publication Year: 
ESTC Number: 
Attributed to Defoe by Trent, Hutchins, Moore, and Novak. The attribution to Defoe is disputed in Furbank and Owens, Defoe-De-Attributions.
Oxford University - Bodleian Library, G. Pamph.1142(17)
This copy is an instance of Variant 2: "pp. 49-76 correctly numbered; catchword on p. 4: given; p. 28, line 1 ends "Affairs"; p. 35, line 24 begins "ing Preacher"; catchword on p. 48: This; catchword on p. 57: beyond. "
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