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Henry, David, 1710-1792. - An historical description of the Tower of London, 1753 (ESTC T89498)

Henry, David, 1710-1792.
An historical description of the Tower of London and its curiosities. Giving an account I. Of its foundation, gradual encrease, and present state. II. Of its government, customs, and privileges. III. Of its antiquities, records, and curiosities. IV. Of the lions and other wild beasts kept there; their nature and properties. V. Of the spoils of the Spanish Armada; with the history of the Spanish invasion in 1588. VI. Of the small armory; in which at one view may by [sic] seen arms for 80,000 men. VII. Of the royal train of artillery; comprehending the various engines of destruction used in war. VIII. Of the horse-armory; with curious anecdotes relating to the kings that sit here on horseback in full armour, from William the Conqueror, to the late K. George. IX. Of the jewel-office, and the regalia, used at the coronation of our kings; and the story at large of Col. Blood's attempting to steal away the crown. X. Of the mint, and the manner of stamping money. Written chiefly to direct the attention of spectators to what is most curious in this repository; and to enable them afterward to relate what they have seen.
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Printed for J. Newberry, at the Bible and Sun in St. Paul's Church-Yard.
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"(Price sixpence.)" British Library copy reproduced by ECCO lacks all before p. 1.
Oxford University - Bodleian Library, G.A.Lond.8⁰ 243
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