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Theobald, Lewis - The Life and Character of Marcus Portius Cato Uticensis, 1713 (ESTC T81554)

Theobald, Lewis
The Life and Character of Marcus Portius Cato Uticensis: Collected From Plutarch in the Greek, and from Lucan, Salust, Lucius Florus, and other Authors in the Latin Tongue. Design'd for the Readers of Cato, a Tragedy
Place of Publication: 
Printed for Bernard Lintott, between the Two Temple-Gates in Fleetstreet
Publication Year: 
ESTC Number: 
Oxford University - English Faculty Library, XL12.21[Cat]
Identification of copy is conjectural: no shelfmark is visible, but markings appear to be consistent with other books from Oxford's English Faculty Library (or, more to the point, markings do not appear to be consistent with books from other Oxford libraries whose holdings have been scanned as part of the Google Books project). No records from Oxford's OLIS catalog provide sufficient information to identify this copy positively.
Volume includes: Joseph Addison, Cato (ESTC T26889); Lewis Theobald, The Life and Character of Marcus Portius Cato Uticensis (ESTC T81554); Cato Examin'd (ESTC T74490); George Sewell, Observations upon Cato (ESTC T74505); and John Dennis, Remarks upon Cato (ESTC T74500).
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