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Butler, Samuel - Posthumous Works in Prose and Verse, 1715 (ESTC N22984)

Butler, Samuel
Posthumous Works in Prose and Verse. Written in the Time of the Grand Rebellion, and Reign of King Charles II. By Mr. Samuel Butler, Author of Hudibras. 1. A Burlesque Pindarick on Du Val. 2. Court Burlesqu'd. 3. Proposals for Farming Liberty of Con. 4. The Assembly-Man. 5. The Case of King Charles I. stated. 6. His Character. 7. Good Advice in bad Times, a Satyr. 8. The Character of a Fanatick. 9. A Conference betwixt a Puritan and a Family. 10. A Quaker against the Independants. 11. An Independant against the Quakers. 12. Geneva Ballad. 13. The Character of the Five Sectaries. With a Key to Hudibras by Sir Roger L'Estrange
Place of Publication: 
Printed for S. Briscoe, and Sold by R. Smith, G. Strahan at the Royal Exchange, J. Brown without Temple-Bar, and J. Morphew near Stationers-Hall
Publication Year: 
ESTC Number: 
University of Michigan - Buhr Shelving Facility, 828 B9866 1715
With an additional title page in red and black, as in ESTC T217176: "Posthumous Works in Prose and Verse, Written in the time of the Civil War and Regin of K. Charles II. by Mr. Samuel Butler, Author of Hudibras. From Original MSS. and Scarce and Valuable Pieces formerly printed. With A Key to Hudibras, by Sir Roger L'Estrange. London, Printed for Sam. Briscoe. 1715."
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