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Butler, Samuel - The Third and Last Volume of Posthumous Works, 1717 (ESTC T195174)

Butler, Samuel
The Third and Last Volume of Posthumous Works, Written by Mr. Samuel Butler, Author of Hudibras. Part Written in the Time of the Usurpation and the rest in the Reign of King Charles II. To which is added, The Coffin for the Good Old Cause. Publish'd just before the Restoration. By Sir Samuel Luke
Place of Publication: 
Printed for Sam. Briscoe, G. Strahan at the Exchange, R. Smith, J. Brown, A. Dod without Temple-bar, and J. Morphew near Stationers-Hall
Publication Year: 
ESTC Number: 

Volume 3

Oxford University - Bodleian Library, Firth f.10
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