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C. N. - The Religion of the Wits at Button's Refuted, 1716 (ESTC T70218)

C. N.
The Religion of the Wits at Button’s Refuted; In a New Method; by running up the remoter Contests which divide Mankind to first and undeniable Principles. With a General Account of Ancient and Modern Exceptions relating to Sceptiscism [sic], Atheism, Deism, Providence, Immortality, of the Soul, Natural and Reveal’d Religion. The Whole being an easie Introduction to that Necessary, but hitherto unattempted Performance of applying the Motives of Christianity in General, to some Particular Society of that Profession, as they now stand divided. In a Dialogue between a Politician, and a Divine
Place of Publication: 
Printed for Bernard Lintott
Publication Year: 
ESTC Number: 
University of Michigan - Buhr Shelving Facility, BT1209.R38
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