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Bioimages (Vanderbilt University)

Tree of Life


Biodiversity and Conservation

Center for Biodiversity and Conservation

Conservation GeoPortal

Society for Conservation Biology


USDA Plants database

Interactive keys for plant ID: Grasses and Orchids

Interactive keys for plant ID: Cyperaceae

Winter decidious tree ID


Entomology images_Iowa State University

Insect Images.org

Entomological Society of America

Ecology and Environment

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Paleoclimate Data NOAA

ZAP smart cars

Ecological Society of America


Geographic Information Systems

National Atlas

Connecticut GIS data

California GIS data

Rhode Island GIS data

Invasive species

Connecticut Invasive Plant Working Group


Riparian Invasives Research Lab


Handbook of Biological Statistics

Analysis of Variance

Effect Size

Effect Size Calculator

Interpreting Null Results

Statistics info - NC State University

Writing in Science

Google Scholar

ECSU Library Journal Locator

Lab Write - NC State University

Writing a Scientific Paper

Guide to Grammar and Writing


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