Merging Art and Science in Southwest Georgia
(Hyatt, Jones, Drzwiecki, Naumec, Curtiss)

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Learn about the Art and Science of Providence Canyon State Park in SW GA.
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This web site provides examples of multimedia and other content that examines the art and science of the spectacualr geologic environment in Providence Canyon State park, located approximately 15 km from Lumpkin Georgia.Some of the content from this site also relates to the "Dynamic Earth" display at the Connecticut Science Center. The intent of this site is to provide a collection of multimedia that examines the geology and landscape art of Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon" as it is sometimes called.

Links to the left provide access to more than 20 educational video clips as well as numberous interactive images that include virtual walks flythroughs, and interactive panoramas. Althoguh content presented at this site is designed to be of interest to park patrons, students of all ages, and teachers, some elements relate directly to K-12 educational standards in Georgia (S6E3 - Earth Processes) and Connecticut (Standard 7.3 - Landforms and interactions of constructive and destructive proceses).

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