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Class Schedule







MW 4:00-5:15PM

Science 135

Office Hours

MWF 2:00AM-- 3:00PM

WF    10:00AM--11:00AM

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Software Engineering (8th edition),

Ian Sommerville, Addison Wesley, 2007

ISBN: 0-321-31379-8



The primary objective of this course is to provide you an overview of the most important elements and the necessary foundations of software engineering which prepare you for industrial scale software systems development and develop ability to work in a team.

Course Prerequisite

A course in Data Structures or the equivalent class. You must also have some background in programming (C++ or Java) before taking this course.

Course link

WebCT: http://www.easternct.edu/its/webct/

Course Outline














Socio-technical systems

Critical systems

Software processes

Project management

1, 2, 3, 4, 5










Software requirements

RE process

System models

Formal system specification

6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Term Project:


 -The project is a team project.


 -The project emphasizes the Requirements and Design.


 -Multiple deliverables are expected.


 -Each project team needs to give a presentation for their projects at the end of the semester.

No classes on 2/19 and 2/21

3/9 - Exam 1 on Chapters 1, 2 , 4, 5, 6&7











Architectural Design

Distributed systems architecture

Application Architecture

OO design

Real-time software design

User interface design

11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16


Spring break on the week of 3/21






Verification & Validation

Software testing

22, 23

4/13 - Exam 2 on Chapters 8, 10, 11, 12,  14,& 16





Managing People

Software cost estimation

Quality management

A  case study

25, 26, 27

No classes on 4/22



Project presentation



5/16- 5/22

Final week 



Final Exam on Chapters 22, 23, 25 & 26

Note: This schedule and the coverage on each exam are subject to change.

Grading and Evaluation Criteria

  • 45 % of the grade is based on 3 examinations (each 15%). All examinations are cumulative and given in a varied format. An in-class review will be held prior to each examination. The first and second exams are tentatively scheduled at 3/9/2011 and 4/13/2011 respectively.
  • 35 % of the grade is based on term project.
  • 10 % of the grade is based on homework and pop quizzes.
  • 10% of the grade is based on attendance

Grades may be curved at instructor’s discretion depending on class performance.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is required. Missing one class without an official excuse will result in 1% deduction from your total grade (up to 10%).

Ground Rules

  • Projects and homework are due at the beginning of class on the due date. There will be 20% deduction for each late submission. Any submission that is more than one week late is NOT accepted.
  • No make-up exam will be given for an unexcused absence. However, if you have an official excuse absence for an exam, a make up exam will be arranged (Note: generally, the make up exam is harder than the regular exam).   
  • Academic Misconduct: Students should read and understand Eastern's Academic Misconduct Policy, which can be found in the student handbook or at: http://www.easternct.edu/judicialaffairs/academicmisconduct/. All violations will be handled under the procedures established in this policy.  

Academic Services Center

Students are encouraged to use the support offered by the Academic Services Center located on the ground floor of the Library.  Tutoring, Math, Writing, and supplemental Advising Services are available for students in the Center at the following times: Sun. 2-9; M.-Th. 9-9, Fri. 9-5. (Closed Sat.) For further information call 465-4272 or check the ASC website at http://www.easternct.edu/asc/

ECSU Disability Statements

If you are a student with a disability and believe you will need accommodations for this class, it is your responsibility to contact the Office of Accessibility Services at 465-0189. To avoid any delay in the receipt of accommodations, you should contact the Office of Accessibility Services as soon as possible. Please understand that I cannot provide accommodations based upon disability until I have received an accommodation letter from the Office of Accessibility Services. Your cooperation is appreciated.

ECSU Weather Hotline

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