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Bio 360 Syllabus

Tropical Biology in Costa Rica
Spring 2014

This course (BIO 320 - Tropical Biology in Costa Rica) will be offered as a Spring 2014 course, in conjunction with a prerequisite 1-credit Seminar (BIO 360 - Tropical Ecosystems) that will also be offered during the Spring 2014 semester. The field experience portion of the course involves a 12-day trip to the Central American country of Costa Rica (May 19 - 30, 2014). The two-course sequence satisfies one of the 300-level course requirements for the Biology Major. Although the cost of the trip has not yet been finalized, it should be approximately $2400, which includes transportation, food, lodging, entrance fees, taxes, travel insurance and gratuities. We expect financial aid to be available to offset some of the cost of the course .

BIO 360 - Tropical Ecosystems This is a 1-credit seminar that will meet every two weeks throughout the spring semester. Successful completion of this seminar is a prerequisite for participation in BIO 320.

BIO 320 - Tropical Biology in Costa Rica This 3-credit field course will focus on various aspects of tropical forest ecology and conservation issues confronting developing countries in the neotropics.   Costa Rica, with only .03% of the world’s surface, is considered one of the top 20 countries in the world in terms of biodiversity, containing roughly 4% of the world’s species.  With its lowland tropical forests, volcanic peaks, and lush cloud forests, Costa Rica boasts a remarkable diversity of terrestrial habitats and has long been a favorite destination of naturalists.   Registration is by permission of instructor only.  Pick up an application form Professor Patricia Szczys. If accepted for participation, a $200 deposit is due December 1, 2013. The deposit is fully refundable until March 15, 2014.

Bio 320 Syllabus
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