Fall Semester 2012: Spring Semester 2013:

Global Economics (Economics 105)

Economics 115

Principles of Macroeconomics (Economics 200) International Labor Relations (Economics 329)
Urban and Regional Economics (Economics 335)  

Winter Session 2013:

Summer Session 2013:
Economics 115
Fall Semester 2013: In Development:

Global Economics (Economics 105)

Special Topics: The EU and the Environment in Ireland (Economics 465) with Jennifer Brown
Principles of Macroeconomics (Economics 200)  



 Other Classes Taught in Previous Semesters:


Political Economy of Social Issues (Economics 100)

Principals of Microeconomics (Economics 201)
Statistics for Business and Economics (Economics 215) Industrial Organization (Economics 345)
International Economics (Economics 350) International Monetary Economics(Economics353)
Special Topics: International Finance (Economics465)
Senior Seminar (Economics 479) Music, Drugs, and Movies (LAP 130)

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