Departmental Writing Requirements

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All Biology majors must complete the Department’s Intermediate (BIO 050) and Senior Writing  (BIO 466) Requirements.

Bio 120, 130, 220 and 230 are all writing-intensive courses and you will receive a writing grade on completion of each of these courses. After completing all four courses your cumulative writing grade will be assessed and you will be informed if you have earned credit for the Intermediate Writing requirement. Transfer students entering as sophomores will be judged on their writing in Bio 220 and 230.

If you do not earn credit for Intermediate Writing at this time, then additional writing assignments will be required from you in every upper level course that you take until the department is satisfied that you have met the required standard. You may not sign up for Senior Seminar until you have satisfied the Intermediate Writing requirement.

The senior writing requirement is met by passing Senior Seminar, or having an Honors Thesis approved.