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Class policies

Arrive on time: late arrivals will be penalized.

Turn off phones, iPods, beepers etc. Do not even bring such items to an exam: doing so may result in an automatic zero.

Talk to your neighbor before or after class, not during

Feel free to interrupt and ask a question at any time

Have a drink and/or go to the bathroom before you come. If you leave during lecture it is treated as a late arrival.

Late material is penalized at 20% per day

All email contact must be through the Eastern mail system and contain the phrase '230' in the subject line to be sure that it is read on time

While you are not required to attend lectures, you are responsible for anything mentioned: including changes to the curriculum.


Answers to questions are due by 8:00 a.m.  Lab reports and answers are due by the end of the following week's lab.

Labs have additional rules
1) Get to lab on time. Arriving late may mean you cannot take part, and will receive a grade of zero. Missing safety instructions ensures you will not be allowed in.


2) Read the hand-out before coming.
    You should have a clear idea of why you are doing each exercise and what you will need to know and do.

3) Plan ahead
    In many cases you will need to have solutions or items prepared for certain steps in the exercise.

    Don’t wait until the last minute to get them ready.

    Read ahead, and see what you will need later: then start preparing as soon as possible.

4) Be safety conscious
    A laboratory is a dangerous place.

    Flagrant violation of stated safety procedures or 'horsing around' will result in dismissal from the lab and a grade of zero for that week's assignment.

    No open toed footwear, shorts or short dresses/skirts, eating, or drinking, are allowed in the laboratory.