Bio 304 (3credits)
Genetics and Society
Room: Variable
Offered: Variable
Instructor(s): Adams

This course is designed to introduce you to the science of genetics with emphasis on the impact it has on individuals, families and society. The major areas of human genetics, medicine, agriculture and legal issues will be considered from both the scientific and ethical aspects.

This is a GER section III course and fulfills the non-laboratory science requirement

NOTE: Although this course will describe and discuss a variety of human genetic disorders, students should not use this information for medical purposes. If you have questions about yourself, a friend or family member  that are related to this material, you should consult with a doctor or genetic counsellor before taking any action.


Syllabus: Weekly outline

Text: Cell Biology and Genetics. Starr, Cecie and Taggart (2004)

         There will be several texts placed on reserve at the library

Grades: will be based on a variety of criteria

There will be quizzes most weeks, based on the previous week’s work.

Many weeks there will be an in-class or take-home exercise

In-class discussion and participation

You will be giving in-class group presentations

There will be a mid-term and final exam

Assistance with Special Needs

Academic Misconduct Policy