Lab schedule


Week Experiment

1 Restriction digests of viral and plasmid DNA. Creation of recombinant DNA molecules.

2 Separation of recombinant molecules by electrophoresis. Transformation of bacteria.

3) Isolation of plasmids from recombinant cells. Digestion of plasmids and separation on agarose gels.

4-6) Identification of inserted sequence. Southern blotting of gels, Identification of viral sequence by hybridization.

The remaining lab experiments will be devised and conducted by each group of students. You are free to suggest any topic, but bear in mind you may need time to get all of the materials and some proposals may be too costly or time-consuming to be practical. All proposals must be submitted and approved by 5:00 p.m. October 5.

Possible labs are:

Determination of which proteins are synthesized on cytoplasmic vs organelle ribosomes

Examination of gene induction/repression using the lac operon

Determination of the mutagenic activity of UV , followed by selection and isolation of specific mutants

Photoreactivatio of UV damage

You are welcome to find ideas for other exercise, involving any aspect of genetics.