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The mission of the Eastern Connecticut State University Writing Center is to support the development of student writers in a collaborative environment. The Center’s trained undergraduate peer tutors can help you at all stages of the writing process, on assignments for any class. All writers benefit from feedback! We can help if you’re struggling to figure out what an assignment is asking for, if you’re stuck in the middle of a paper, if you need help coming up with a topic, if you want to know if your paper “flows”, if you want to see if you cited your sources appropriately…we’re here to be readers and consultants for you.

Writing Center Hours, Fall 2018:
Sunday 5pm-9pm
Monday 10am-9pm
Tuesday 10am-6pm,7pm-9pm
Wednesday 10am-7pm
Thursday 9am-11am,12pm-6pm
Friday 9am-4pm
Closed Saturdays, holidays, and for weather-related class cancellations

We accept drop-ins, but can’t always accommodate them, especially during busy times of the semester (for instance, around midterms and finals). Appointments may be made online (see “Make an Appointment”).

For more information, see About Us.

Contact Us
Dr. Rita Malenczyk
Writing Center, Library Rm. 134 / Webb Hall Rm. 254
Ben Hall
Writing Center,
Library Rm. 134
(860) 465-0382
Tutors on Duty:
(860) 465-4639