Women’s Studies Minor

Women’s Studies Minor:

Along with consideration of women’s histories and activism, society’s understandings of gender and identity, comprise the subject matter for Women’s Studies. The student who chooses Women’s Studies as a non-degree minor must select 15 credits from the following:

Required Course:
WST260Introduction to Women’s Studies3
Twelve additional credit hours from the following:
WST/SOC208Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Lives3
WST/SOC212Sociology of Families3
WST/PSC227Women and Politics3
WST/ENG228Poetry by Women3
WST/FRA231Women Writers from French-Speaking Countries3
WST/SOC240Sociology of Gender3
WST/HIS244Immigrant Women3
WST/ENG266Mini-Lit [when the topic is a woman or women]1
WST/ANT300Women and Work3
WST/GEO306Gender, Justice, Environment3
WST/ENG307Medieval Women Mystics3
WST/SOC310Women and Crime3
WST/PSY315Psychology of Gender3
ENG/HIS317Women and Family in Western Society3
PSY 319Human Sexuality
WST/WLC324Literature by Women Authors of Latin America3
WST/PSC326Politics of Race, Class and Gender3
WST/FRE331Global and French Perspectives on Women’s Issues3
WST/SOC347Black Women’s Studies3
WST/ENG351Feminist Theories3
WST/ENG352Lesbian Literature3
WST/ART355Women and the Visual Arts3
WST/ENG356Women Writers to 19003
WST/ENG35720th Century Women Writers3
WST/HIS363Women in Modern History3
WST/ANT370Sex/Gender in the Ancient World3
WST/SOC465Studies in Sociology [when the topic is women]3
WST480Independent Study1-6
WST490Internship in Women’s Studies1-6
Total Credits15

Credit for any other courses related to women or other under-represented groups must be approved through the director of Women’s Studies.