Ella T. Grasso Awards

Wednesday | March 25, 2015 | 3 pm | Student Center, Theatre

The Ella T. Grasso Distinguished Service Awards recognize members of the campus and local community whose actions promote women’s rights and gender equality. The Keynote Speaker for this year’s ceremony is Attorney Michelle Cruz who, with over twenty years of experience, has worked with crime victims in a variety of roles and most notably as Connecticut’s Second State Victim Advocate. This year’s award recipients are: Erika Sanchez, Dr. Cara Bergstrom-Lynch, and Ms. Lee Ellen Terry. We asked what they think their legacies will be:

Student Award Recipient: Erika Sanchez
“My legacy is to encourage others to embrace their culture and take pride in their roots. I aim to honor women who have silently contributed to history. I am because they were. Lastly, I want to make mi gente (my Mexican people) and my mom proud, so they know that all their sacrifices were not made in vain. I want to uplift, support and encourage them in any way I can.”

Faculty Award Recipient: Dr. Cara Bergstrom-Lynch
“My legacy, on a professional level is to inspire my students to practice and take what I’ve tried to instill about diversity, activism, and critical consciousness, into the world. On a personal level, my daughters are my legacy. Everything I teach them about, that relates to gender, women’s rights, LGBT rights, and social justice goes back to how I want the world to be for them.”

Community Award Recipient: Lee Ellen Terry
“My legacy is to honor those in my past who have loved and inspired me to be an example for her children, grandchildren, relatives and friends — to continue the work that punctuated my career, for economic well-being, fairness and justice.”