Path to Etiquette

Post Contributor: Chad-Michael Muirhead
On March 26th, the Women’s Center and Center for Internships and Career Development hosted an etiquette dinner for students from the Path Academy institution. The objective of the event was to introduce etiquette dining principles to students in the Willimantic community. The event allowed students to interact with Student Ambassadors from the Women’s Center, and discuss college life on campus.

The event began with an introduction from Starsheemar Byrum, Director of the Women’s Center. Student Ambassadors Amber Domond and Yamma Jatta were present and active in the program, talking to attendees. They shared ideas and information about the Women’s Center resources and events. Students were given the opportunity to experience professional style dining services and develop bonds with other students from the campus. Attendees enjoyed a great dinner by Chartwells, set in a spectacular and refined scene.