Red Flag Campaign 2015

Post Contributor: Garland Mann-Lamb
Last week, the Women’s Center launched the Red Flag Campaign on campus. The Red Flag Campaign is a public awareness project aimed toward educating students on the importance of healthy relationships, identifying relationship “red flags,” and feeling empowered to say something when a red flag is seen. As part of the campaign, small red flags were placed on the Student Center lawn, each stating a red flag situation such as jealousy, stalking, coercion, sexual assault, emotional abuse, isolation, and victim-blaming. The Women’s Center Ambassadors hosted tables in the Student Center and Webb Hall to share information on the Red Flag Campaign and the Sexual Assault & Interpersonal Violence Response Team, which is a multi-disciplinary team that provides assistance to victim-survivors of interpersonal violence.

At these events, students were able to sign a banner and take the pledge, “When I see a red flag, I’ll say something.” Over 150 students, faculty, and staff took the pledge, including athletes, coaches, men, women, professors, and administrators. The pledge doesn’t end with signing a banner. We encourage all to stand up and speak out when they see unhealthy characteristics in a relationship. How can you help someone? Say something! Lend a listening ear. Be supportive and non-judgmental. Refer them to services. Visit the Women’s Center to learn more about all the resources available to students in our area and keep an eye out for Red Flag programs coming to your residence hall in the coming weeks!

Letters with Love: A Reflection

Post Contributors: Amber Domond and Erika Sanchez

Letters with Love was a program held on February 11, 2015 at the Women’s Center. It allowed students a chance to give back to the surrounding community during a time where love is celebrated. Students created Valentine’s Day cards with supportive and uplifting messages to be donated to local shelters. With our advertisement on campus, social media, and by word of mouth, we had a good turn out. Some of our usual guests joined the program, but new faces stopped by as well. What stood out to us the most was the atmosphere of the program. It was very warm, loving, and inviting. As a special treat, Valentine’s Day candy was provided for participants. It was wonderful to see the Eastern community use their artistic skills to send love and comforting words to people who are struggling in these tough times. We later sent the cards to the Holy Family Shelter in Willimantic and the Bridgeport Rescue Mission. Overall, we would really enjoy doing this program in the future. Students can continue the work that we have done here by visiting shelters, making cards for them, and showing them that you care.

For more information on how you can help the shelters, visit their websites: