The Price of Brotherhood

Post Contributor: Thomas Madden
On Monday April 13, 2015 at 3pm the Women’s Center hosted an event held in the Student Center Theater called “The Price of Brotherhood.” The guest speaker of this event was Duane de Four. Duane spoke very openly about many issues that mold the mentality of young boys growing into men. Though he spoke about masculinity, he also touched on how women are being portrayed in movies and video games.

What I found interesting from this event was how he showed the audience different commercials and let the audience ponder their meaning. He deciphered and broke down the deeper meanings of the commercials. Afterwards, he pulled up the difference between men’s magazines and women’s magazines. As an example, he used “King Magazine,” which had half-naked women on the cover. It is troubling that this type of magazine can be bought in the checkout line at the grocery store. Duane delved deeper into the magazine, pulling lines from articles and juxtaposing them with statements and quotes from rapists. With crowd participation, every one raised their hands to poll who could tell the difference between the men’s magazine and rapist quotes. It was shocking for me to see just how many the crowd guessed wrong.

Members from M.A.L.E.S attended this event and really enjoyed this powerful lecture. I believe that many students walked away with uplifting messages: try not to care about your “man-card” being revoked, stand up when you see something wrong, and make a positive change in the world. There are so many different undercover references that mold young minds into being something they don’t want to be. Whether it is through social media marketing, television and movies, or even family and friends, it is important to recognize the stereotypes that men face and continue dialog on combating these harmful male idealizations.