Eastern Connecticut State University

Web Policy Addendum


I. Staffing Requirements 

In order for Easternís Web service to continue to expand and remain current, the decentralization of Web content development is strongly encouraged. Departments must designate one or more individuals to create and update their own Web material. Furthermore, it is incumbent upon individuals to create and maintain their own personal Web pages. 

Overall project management is provided by the Web facilitator. This is a staff position that reports to the Director of University Relations and works closely with the Web Policy and Review Committee and the Data Center. This individual assists other department directors to identify Web uses and material for inclusion among the university Web pages. In addition, this individual works closely with the system administrator (a Data Center staff member) of the official Web server. This person also has overall responsibility for providing directory and access privileges on the official server and authorizes new links. 

Additionally, this person supervises a small staff of student workers who accomplish the day-to-day tasks associated with the Web project. These include the creation and maintenance of official university information (which often requires format conversions and tends to be voluminous and tedious), assisting users who put material on the official server, establishing links to remote, on-campus servers and new department or individual information, identifying and removing dead links, responding or redirecting inquiries sent to the Web facilitator and producing reports for the various departments. To facilitate the decentralization of Web development, designated individuals in the departments require training and occasional assistance. 

Also, most users do not have the time nor inclination to learn how to create graphics, create forms or CGI and/or Java scripts and therefore need technical programming assistance. It is hoped that there would be a staff person hired for this to be accomplished, but in the interim could be assumed by student workers working under the direction of the Web facilitator. 

The Web facilitator also provides day-to-day consultation for student workers hired using information technology fees to work on the student Web service. Overall direction, however, for the student Web server is the responsibility of the Student Government Association. 

II. Web Page Content 

  1. Official University Web Pages
  2. Suggestions, changes, additions, and/or updates of official University information are made by contacting university relations. 

  3. Departmental Web Pages 
  4. When writing departmental Web pages, the following points must be kept in mind: 

    1. How to represent the university department to the world. 
    2. What department information must be shared with the world? 
    3. What department information would be interesting and informative to potential Web surfers? 
    4. Which Web technologies to use in creating the departmental Web page(s)? 
    5. In what creative ways can the department information be displayed? 
    6. Can the department template, provided by university relations, be utilized? 

  5. Suggested items to include: 
    •  overview; 
    •  key benefits; 
    •  distinctions; 
    •  major/minor information; 
    •  courses; 
    •  endorsements; 
    •  faculty ratios; 
    •  faculty credentials, publications, and areas of research and expertise; 
    •  recognitions; 
    •  grants for special projects; 
    •  facilitiesí strengths; 
    •  learning resources; 
    •  office hours and tutoring schedules; 
    •  selected student achievements; 
    •  senior project descriptions; 
    •  related student clubs and activities; 
    •  upcoming special lectures and/or presentations; 
    •  summer research opportunities; 
    •  career and graduate school data; 
    •  alumni status and/or quotes. 


III. Web Page Guidelines 

When planning and constructing a Web page, the department chair/designee or author must keep the following in mind: 
  • review policies set forth by the Web Policy and Review Committee; 
  • compile all desired text materials;
  • plan a logical order of presentation (hierarchy); 
  • associate with text any graphics, audio and/or video pieces; 
  • create page(s); 
  • identify all necessary links to other pages; 
  • save all original information on electronic media.
The department chair/designee or author needs to review the information for: 
  • accurate information; 
  • correct grammar; 
  • printable and readable hypertext; 
  • correct linkage.