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Web Policy & Review Committee

Mission Statement
The Web Policy and Review Committee's (WPRC) role is to recommend policy regarding all Web pages stored on any University-owned or leased machine, sites linked to the University's Web site, and to resolve disputes regarding Web related issues and Web page content. The Committee also recommends standards, ensures that there is an ongoing process of review of Web content and adherence to the standards, hears grievances and makes recommendations regarding action to the appropriate person(s) regarding policy deviation.

Web Notes


Committee Membership
The Web Policy and Review Committee consists of at least nine members representing faculty, students and administration and additional ex-officio members as appointed below. These members serve until they are replaced.
· The University Senate will appoint one faculty member each from the Library, School of Arts and Sciences and School of Education and Professional Studies.
· The Chief Information Officer (CIO), Directors of the Office of Planning and Institutional Research and University Relations will appoint one representative each.
· The Student Government Association will appoint one student representative.
· Web Facilitator and System Administrator are members.
· Additional ex-officio members as appointed by the University President or designee.

The Committee reports to the University President or designee, who will also appoint a chair. The business of the Committee is committed to writing and expressed by minutes.

Scope of Authority
The Committee, acting as a review group, will:
(1) recommend policies related to the ongoing evolution of the University's Web presence and (2) evaluate disputes on Web use and content. On the official pages, University Relations is responsible for content and image and ITS is responsible for technical issues and access.

Web Notes: The Newsletter of the Web Policy and Review Committee

Minutes of the Web Policy and Review Committee

Note: The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the any of the WPRC meeting minutes listed below.

Minutes from Committees prior to the creation of WPRC

WPRC Related Links

Explore the Web Development site. If you know of or discover a resource or tip that you would like to share with your fellow web publishers, email and we will be happy to include it on the site.

WPRC Co-Chairs
WPRC is co-chaired by Brian Lashley (Planning and Institutional Research) and Ed Osborn (Director of University Relations).

Web Policy Updated
The Web Policy and Review Committee recently completed a complete review and update of the official Web Policy. Every Eastern Web Publisher is strongly encouraged to read the newly updated policy, paying particular attention to the portions relating to Accessibility requirements.
The updated Web Policy was presented to the University Senate at their February 25, 2003 meeting by Brian Lashley and Eastern's Chief Information Officer, George Kahkedjian.
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