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Web Development
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Contribute CS4 Released
During September 2008, Adobe released a new version of Contribute - Contribute CS4. For more information, browse Adobe's Contribute CS4 website.

Web Policy Updated
Eastern's Web Policy and Review Committee (WPRC), recently completed a complete review and update of the official Web Policy. Every Eastern Web Publisher is strongly encouraged to read the newly updated policy, paying particular attention to the portions relating to Accessibility requirements.
Updated Web Policy >>

WPRC's Co-Chairs
The Web Policy and Review Committee (WPRC) co-chairs are Brian Lashley (Planning and Institutional Research) and Ed Osborn (Director of University Relations).
WPRC Minutes >>

Welcome to Eastern's Web Development web site. Here you will find information and resources to help you in your job, regardless of your experience or skill level.

The Web Development site is divided into several targeted web pages. Each of these target pages contains specific information on a topic related to web publishing here at Eastern.

Getting Started:
Designed for the newest Eastern Web Developers. You'll find the forms and instructions here that you need to get started publishing. Are you a Mac user? Need to change your Web Publishing Account password? The SSH Password Change in Mac OS X under the "What" section will show you how!

Contribute Users: Everything you ever wanted to know about Contribute! Chock full of information for both Contribute users and administrators. Get answers to common Contribute questions. Browse through Contribute tips and task-based tutorials.

Accessibility: Resources include official accessibility guidelines and accessibility-checking tools, both online and software-integrated solutions to ensure your pages conform to Section 508 and W3C Accessibility guidelines, in accordance with Eastern's Web Policy.
New links added! Test your pages for accessibility online from this site!

Links to many categories of resources, from html guides, to Web "best practices", and many free tools for Web authors are available here.
New links added! Check them out!

Tips and Tricks:
On this page you will find valuable tips, tricks and tutorials you will be able to use as you develop and publish your web pages. Visit here often as content is always being added.
Contains links to tutorials for popular Web authoring software like Dreamweaver as well as Photoshop, Flash, Adobe Acrobat and more. Task-specific tutorials are also included within the links supplied.

If you don't have a web publishing account yet, please visit the Getting Started page. Getting Started details everything you need to do to obtain an account for publishing web pages on Eastern's web server, to allow you to publish pages, either Departmental or personal or both.
Getting Started also includes complete instructions on the use to SSH Secure Shell to publish your pages using your new account. You will also find links to Eastern's Web Policy, Accessibility Guidelines, UNIX Survival Guide for Web Publishers and more.

Explore the Web Development site. If you know of or discover a resource or tip that you would like to share with your fellow web publishers, email and we will be happy to include it on the site.