Student Exhibition 2013

Senior Exhibition 2013

The Sum of Our Parts is the Visual Arts Department’s Senior Exhibition 2013. The Sum of Our Parts was exhibited at the Akus Gallery in Shafer Hall from May 3–14, 2013.

Artists in the exhibition: Lindsay Ancel, Holly Beeckman, Christina Browning, Matthew Cleghorn, Brian Cristofaro, Chelsea Decio, Lindsay Delosier, Sean Duggan, Sarah Egan, Joseph Fortino, Robert Gaines, Amy Giglio, Adrian Jackson, Nicholas Jamrock, Anthony Jefferson, Robert Kavaler, Ryan Kellarson, Lindsay LaChance, Erin Maclean, Kevin McLaughlin, Kaitlin Morris, Alex Moshier, Kyle Ng, Miranda Nocera, Shanna O’Sullivan, Andrew Orum, Amber Pero, Jennifer Pinto, Kacee Potter, Sherrise Sharpe, Kenneth St. Onge, Anna Sweet, Zachary Vajda, Katherine Vartelas, Laura Visinski, Irene Wadsworth, Emily Whetstone, Elliott Woolworth.

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