Student Activities

Student Activities

Annual Senior Exhibition
The Visual Arts Department’s Annual Senior Exhibition is held every May in Eastern’s Akus Gallery. This exhibition is exclusive to senior Visual Arts Majors who have successfully completed a senior project in studio art. Faculty supervisors will curate this exhibition based on students’ successful demonstration of command of visual language within their chosen discipline. Students who graduate in December are eligible to participate in the Annual Senior Exhibition and should discuss this with their faculty supervisor. The opening reception for the Annual Senior Exhibition is held in conjunction with the Department’s Annual Student Awards and Recognition Gathering.

Community Art Projects

Visual Arts Club
The Visual Arts Club’s purpose is to bring students together to share experiences and excitement about art. This is done through the coordination of projects, exhibitions, community service, fundraising events, guest speakers and artists, and trips to art museums and galleries. Past Club events include charter bus trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chelsea Galleries, Harlem Museum, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, MassMoCa, the Clark Art Institute, Craft and Bake sale fundraisers, and a Masquerade Party.

For current Club information, visit the second floor of Shafer Hall and check out the Visual Arts Club bulletin board.

Advisor: Nancy Wynn Website: Visual Arts Club