Images from the Windham County Schools

Vision of Optimism

The Willimantic Juvenile Court Project – January 2007
The artwork shown below was created by children from the Windham County Schools ranging from elementary through middle school. The work was selected by Eastern Art History student Rachel Ensling.

Shown here are just a few samples of the 40 wonderful pieces of children’s artwork that now enliven the hallways and court rooms of the Willimantic Juvenile Court Building.

Jalen Ortiz – Natchaug Elementary School

Curtis Chagnot – Windham Center Elementary School

Kelsey McAllistert – Windham Center Elementary School

Shane Morin – Nautchaug Elementary School

Kiara Vasquez – Windham Center Elementary School

Taenirah Jones – Nautchaug Elementary School

Noah Guattino – Windham Center Elementary School

Austin Yarnott – North Windham Middle School

Anna Oshima – Windham Middle School

Mark Maldanado – Windham Middle School