Sculpture Concentration

 Sculpture Concentration (50 credits)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Visual Arts with a Studio Concentration consists of 50 credits. Grades of less than 2.0 (C) will not count toward the major.

  • Required Foundation Courses – 26 credits
  • Required Courses for the Concentration – 21 credits
  • Major Capstone Course – 3 credits

In addition to major requirements, students are required to fulfill the University’s Writing Requirements.

Required Foundation Courses For Studio Art (26 credits)
ART110Two-Dimensional DesignDouble Counts for T1 Arts & Humanities in Context
ART111Three-Dimensional Design
OR ART 207 Ceramic Sculpture
OR ART 217 Ceramics
Double Counts for T1 Arts & Humanities in Context
ART112Color Theory
ART124Digital ImagingSubstitutes for T2 Applied Information Technology
ART201Relief Printmaking
ART202Drawing IDouble Counts for T2 Creative Expression
ART211Art History I: Pre-History to 1600 (4 Credits)Substitutes for T1 Historical Perspectives
ART212Art History II: 1600 to the Present (4 Credits)Substitutes for T1 Historical Perspectives
*After completing several foundation courses, students are required to submit a portfolio to enroll in 300-level (or higher) studio courses. Students whose portfolios do not meet standards may be required to take supplemental courses. Portfolio Requirements
Required Concentration Courses (12 credits)
ART206Sculpture I
ART306Wood Sculpture I
OR ART 315 Figure Modeling
ART324Metal Construction
OR ART 315 Figure Modeling
ART304Sculpture II
Prerequisites: Four courses in sculpture OR consent of instructor.
Concentration Electives(choose 3, 9 credits)
ART207Ceramic Sculpture
Prerequisite: LAC T1A or T1LT.
ART235Relief Sculpture
Prerequisite: T1A OR T1LT course
ART306Wood Sculpture
ART315Figure Modeling
ART353Installation Art
Prerequisites: ART 110 & ART 111
ART365Special Topics in Art/Sculpture
Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor
ART390Practicum (With Consent of Instructor/Chair/Dean)
ART470Advanced Topics in Art/Sculpture (With Consent of Instructor/Chair/Dean)
ART480Independent Study (With Consent of Instructor/Chair/Dean)
ART490Internship (With Consent of Instructor/Chair/Dean)
Major Capstone Course (3 credits)
ART485Senior Seminar in Studio Art