Painting & Drawing Concentration

Painting and Drawing Concentration (50 credits)

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Visual Arts with a Studio Concentration consists of 50 credits. Grades of less than 2.0 (C) will not count toward the major.

  • Required Foundation Courses – 26 credits (Noted Below)
  • Required Courses for the Concentration – 21 credits (See Concentration Page)
  • Major Capstone Course – 3 credits (See Concentration Page)

In addition to major requirements, students are required to fulfill the University’s Writing Requirements.

Required Foundation Courses For Studio Art (26 credits)
ART110Two-Dimensional DesignDouble Counts for T1 Arts & Humanities in Context
ART111Three-Dimensional Design
OR ART 207 Ceramic Sculpture
OR ART 208 Surface Design
Double Counts for T1 Arts & Humanities in Context
ART112Color Theory
ART124Digital ImagingSubstitutes for T2 Applied Information Technology
ART201Relief Printmaking
ART202Drawing IDouble Counts for T2 Creative Expression
ART211Art History I: Pre-History to 1600 (4 Credits)Substitutes for T1 Historical Perspectives
ART212Art History II: 1600 to the Present (4 Credits)Substitutes for T1 Historical Perspectives
Required courses in the Painting and Drawing Concentration (15 credits total)
ART215Painting I
Prerequisites: ART 110, ART 112, and ART 202
ART308Painting II
Prerequisite: ART 215 OR Consent of Instructor
ART309Figure Drawing I
Prerequisite: ART 202
ART352Intermediate Drawing
Prerequisite: ART 202
ART408Advanced Painting
Prerequisite: ART 308 OR Consent of Instructor
OR ART 409 Figure Drawing II
OR ART 430 Advanced Drawing
Choice of at least TWO Courses from the following (6 credits)
ART205Water Media
Prerequisite: ART 202 and ART 352 OR Consent of Instructor
ART312Experimental & Non-traditional Materials & Methods
Prerequisites: ART202 AND one of the following: ART110, ART111, ART201
ART314Landscape Painting I
Prerequisite: Any TWO of the following: ART 110, ART 202, OR ART 352
ART322Illustration I
Prerequisite: ART 201 OR ART202
ART365Special Topics in Art/Painting and Drawing
Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor
ART390Practicum (With Consent of Instructor)
Prerequisite: Consent of Instructor
ART395Drawing in Color
Prerequisite: ART 202, ART 352, Consent of Instructor
ART408Advanced Painting
Prerequisite: ART 308, OR Consent of Instructor
ART409Figure Drawing II
Prerequisite: ART 309, OR Consent of Instructor
ART414Landscape Painting II
Prerequisite: ART 215 AND ART 314, OR Consent of Instructor
ART419Professional Practices for Artists
ART430Advanced Drawing
Prerequisite: ART 309, ART 352, OR Consent of Instructor
ART470Advanced Topics in Art/Painting and Drawing
(With consent of Instructor/Chair)
ART480Independent Study (With Consent of Instructor/Chair/Dean)
ART490Internship (With Consent of Instructor/Chair/Dean)
Major Capstone Course (3 credits)
ART485Senior Project in Studio Art