Biography – Maline Werness-Rude

Dr. Maline Werness-Rude

Maline D. Werness-Rude is an Assistant Professor of Art History in the Department of Art & Art History at Eastern Connecticut State University.  Having earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in both English and Art History at the University of California at Davis, Werness-Rude (then Werness) completed her Master of Arts and Doctoral degrees at the University of Texas at Austin.  Maline specializes in the study of Latin American art and architecture.  Within this broad field, she particularly focuses on Mesoamerica, the Maya, and ancient Maya ceramics.  Secondary art historical areas of interest include the Nineteenth Century as well as crafting traditions and moments of cultural exchange.

In addition to several short encyclopedia entries on various Mesoamerican topics, and an online article in preparation titled “One Hand, Two Pots: placing a Vessel from the University of Texas Collections in Context,” she has published her MA thesis, “Pabellon Molded-Carved Ceramics: A Consideration in Light of the Terminal Classic Collapse of Classic Maya Civilization,” online through FAMSI.  Werness-Rude has presented papers and organized conference sessions on numerous occasions and continues to investigate ancient pottery production in her scholarly work.  Her on-going single–authored and collaborative projects focus either on a specific medium, like Precolumbian pottery generally and Pabellon Molded-Carved and Chocholá style ceramics specifically, or on a distinct theme/perspective, like conceptions of space and ways of seeing.  In this vein, Maline and her colleague Kaylee Spencer are excited to be collaborating on an edited volume titled Maya Imagery, Architecture, and Activity: Space and Spatial Analysis in Art History under contract with the University of New Mexico Press.