Digital Art and Design Minor

Digital Art and Design Minor (18 credits)

To earn a Digital Art and Design minor a student must complete 18 credits in Digital Art and Design courses with at least 6 of those at the 200-level or higher. Courses with a grade of less than 2.0 (C) will not count towards the minor. Students are required to submit a portfolio for admission to the program after completing the two Digital Art Techniques Courses: ART 122 and ART 124.

Students pick up Portfolio Packets and Guidelines in the Art Office FAIC 317. Completed Portfolios are submitted to the same office. Portfolios must be carefully prepared according to guidelines provided. Portfolios must be approved before students can enroll in upper-level design courses, most of which require portfolio acceptance.

The portfolio will include a total of eight examples showcasing their skills in the following categories and software: digital illustration (2 utilizing Illustrator); photographic collage and painting (2 utilizing Photoshop); typographic experimentation and 2-D compositional layout (2 utilizing InDesign); web design/blogging and animation for web (2 utilizing WordPress or Wix).

A Minor must include at least 9 unique credits.

Required Courses
Computer Skills courses (6 credits total)
ART122Digital Illustration and Page Layout
ART124Digital Imaging and Online Media
Graphic Design courses (6 credits)
ART203Graphic Design I
ART329Graphic Design II
Prerequisite: ART 203 and Portfolio
Choice of TWO courses from the following (6 credits)
ART213Creating Information Graphics
ART233Graphic Design History
Prerequisite: ENG 100, ART 211, ART 212
ART310Web Design I
ART323Introduction to 3D Modeling
Prerequisite: Portfolio OR Consent of Instructor
ART3252-D Animation
Prerequisite: ART 122, ART 124 AND Portfolio OR Consent of Instructor
ART326User Interface & Interaction Design
Prerequisite: ART 203 & Portfolio OR Consent of Instructor
ART327Magazine Design
Prerequisite: ART 329
ART330Package Design
Prerequisite: Portfolio
ART332Photo Imaging; Art and the Digital Camera
Prerequisite: Portfolio
ART335Graphic Design III
Prerequisite: ART 329 and Portfolio
ART342Illustration II
Prerequisite: Portfolio OR Consent of Instructor
ART343Introduction to 3D Animation
Prerequisite: Portfolio OR Consent of Instructor
ART351Motion Graphic Design
Prerequisite: Portfolio, OR Consent of Instructor
ART365Special Topics in Art/Digital Art and Design (With consent of Instructor)
ART403Advanced 3-D Animation
Prerequisite: Portfolio
ART412Web Design II
ART421Digital Portfolio Preparation
Prerequisite: ART 329
ART436Graphic Design IV
Prerequisite: ART 335
Total Credits18