Student Profile: Jessie Kohn ’14

Jessie Kohn

Jessie Kohn, Digital Art and Design, 2014
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Some key factors in my decision to go to Eastern were its small size, proximity to home, and its affordability. Already having been familiar with Eastern and its programs through my brother, I knew it would offer a great experience for me too.

I chose Visual Arts as my major because Art has always been my passion. Getting my bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts was the next step in realizing my dream towards making Art my profession.

I remember taking a wood sculpture class with Professor Claudia Widdis. Having had no prior wood construction experience, I would have never thought I’d be able to think creatively with that type of media. The class helped me be a more well-rounded artist and served as a great complement to digital design—after all 3D digital design stems from real world 3D design!

I feel my Visual Arts education prepared me for my discipline. In my field (Digital Design), for instance, I feel that I’ve gained the necessary amount of knowledge to be able to able to start my career and then build on the base as I move forward.

Just like I’d hoped when I chose Eastern, the one-on-one time that Eastern’s faculty has shared with me was vital to my learning success. It helped tremendously that each faculty was a professional artist themselves. I was able to ask them about procedures in the “real world” and they gave me valid answers, not just theoretical ones. Faculty members also bent over backwards to help me outside of the class room, such as with letters of recommendations.

Even though as a graduating senior I won’t be able to take advantage of the new art facilities, I am proud to have been taught by the faculty that will become the core of those facilities. I am excited to see Eastern move towards new and greater horizons in the arts, as they are well deserving of Eastern’s center stage.

Student Profile: Olivia Provey ’14

Olivia Provey

Olivia Provey, Printmaking, 2014
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I chose to go to Eastern because it was affordable for me as well close enough to home to visit on the weekends. However, I also loved Eastern’s campus and was drawn to Willimantic’s distinct character with its Victorian houses and sidewalks throughout the town.

I chose to be a Visual Arts major because of my lifetime passion for creating art.
I could not imagine myself studying anything else.

I think the greatest thing I found at Eastern in the Visual Arts Department was the friendships I made. Being in a studio setting with a small group of students sharing a love for art gave a sense of community and an opportunity to help each other grow, push ourselves and share ideas while laughing the entire time!

I believe that the majority of the professors in the Art department are extremely inspirational and wonderful mentors and because of this I was given the tools to succeed in my discipline. I have had experiences with teachers who seemed to be totally uninterested and unenthusiastic about what they were teaching and as a result left myself and other students feeling the same way. I have never seen this with my Visual Arts professors, their positive and creative presence is the greatest guidance for me as a student.

Specifically, the professors in my concentration are always available, often finding time for me and other students outside of class to help with projects.