Art History Minor

Art History Minor (20-22 Credits)

To earn an Art History minor a student must complete 20 credits in art history. Courses with a grade of less than 2.0 (C) will not count towards the minor.

A Minor must include at least 9 unique credits.

Required Courses (8 credits)
ART211Art History I: Pre-History to 1600 (4 credits)
ART212Art History II: 1600 to Present (4 credits)
Minor Electives (12-15 credits)
ART224Latin American Art Topics
ART225Asian Art and Culture
ART229Medieval Art & Architecture
ART233Graphic Design History (4 credits)
Writing Level 2
Prerequisites: ART211 and ART212 OR NMS110 and ART124
ART250Photography & New Media as History
ART313Renaissance Art
ART316Art & Travel
ART340Art History Topics(4 credits)
Writing Level 3
Prerequisites: ENG 100, ART 211, ART 212, and ART233 OR ART345
ART345Museums and Exhibitions
Writing Level 2
Prerequisites: ENG100, ART211, ART212
ART355Women and the Visual Arts
ART360American Art
ART365Special Topics in Art/Art History
ART369African American Art
ART371Islamic Art
ART402Issues in Contemporary Art (4 credits)
Writing Level 3
Prerequisites: Level 2 Writing Course
ART470Advanced Topics in Art/Art History
ART480Independent Study (With consent of Instructor/Chair)
ART490Internship (With consent of Instructor/Chair)