Art History Concentration

Art History Concentration (47-48 credits)

Grades of less than 2.0 (C) will not count toward the major.

  • Required Foundation Courses – 17 credits
  • Required Courses for the Concentration – 20 credits
  • Electives in the Concentration – 6-7 credits
  • Major Capstone Course – 4 credits

In addition to major requirements, students are required to fulfill the University’s Writing Requirements.
*University Writing Requirements are included in the Art History Concentration tables below.

Required Foundation Courses For Art History (17 Credits)
ART111Three-Dimensional Design
OR ART 207 Ceramic Sculpture
OR ART 208 Surface Design
Double Counts for T1 Arts & Humanities in Context
ART124Digital ImagingSubstitutes for T2 Applied Information Technology
ART202Drawing IDouble Counts for T2 Creative Expression
ART211Art History I: Pre-History to 1600 (4 Credits)Substitutes for T1 Historical Perspectives
ART212Art History II: 1600 to the Present (4 Credits)Substitutes T1 Historical Perspectives
Required Courses in the Art History Concentration (20 credits total)
ART225Asian Art and Culture
ART313Renaissance Art
ART340Modern Art Topics (4 Credits)
Writing Level 3
Prerequisites: ENG 100, ART 211, ART212, and ART 233 OR ART 345
ART345Museums and Exhibitions
Writing Level 2
Prerequisites: ENG 100, ART 211, ART212
ART360American Art
ART402Issues in Contemporary Art (4 Credits)
Writing Level 3
Prerequisites: Level 2 Writing Course
Chose 2 Electives in the Concentration (6-7 credits)
ART224 Mexico: Art & Architecture
ART233Graphic Design History (4 Credits)
Writing Level 2
Prerequisites: ART 211 & ART 212 OR NMS110 and ART124
ART250Photography and New Media as History
ART316Art and Travel
ART336Ancient Mesoamerica
ART355Women and the Visual Arts
ART365Special Topics in Art/Art History (With consent of Instructor)
ART369African American Art
ART371Islamic Art
ART470Advanced Topics in Art/Art History
ART480Independent Study (With consent of Instructor/Chair)
ART490Internship (With consent of Instructor/Chair)
Art History-related Honors Colloquia with consent of Art History advisor
Major Capstone Course (4 Credits)
ART486Senior Project in Art History (With consent of Instructor/Chair)