Art History on the Airwaves

Students in ART 211, Introduction to Art History: Prehistory to 1400, with Prof. Maeve Doyle worked in groups to propose, research, and record original podcasts discussing a theme in art history. Each podcast compares canonical works of art from the ancient and medieval worlds with an example of visual culture today, from Ai Weiwei to Rihanna.

Please enjoy the playlist below:

01. Animals in Art

Brooke Gustafson, Olivia Jenkins, and Kaitlin Rivers

Works of art discussed: Lion-Human, ca. 30,000-26,000 BCE; Hopewell culture, Beaver Effigy Platform Pipe, ca. 100-400 CE; apse mosaic in the church of San Clemente, Rome, consecrated 1128; Ai Weiwei, Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads, 2011

02. The Buddha

Nobel Tran

Works of art discussed: Parinirvana of the Buddha, Gal Vihara, Sri Lanka, 11th-12th century CE; Buddha statue at the London Diamond Way Buddhist Centre, 2015

03. Ceramics

Isabel Butterick, Madeline DeMartin, Cristian Mercado, and Raven Vanderberg

Works of art discussed: Fragment of Jomon pottery, 12,000 BCE; Puebloan seed jar, ca. 1150; Southern Song Guan ware vessel, 13th century; Sookyung Yee, Translated Vase, 2007

04. Clothing and Power

Alicia Davis, James Johansen, and Alice Merckel

Works of art discussed: Phidias, Athena Parthenos, ca. 447-432 BCE; Bust of Commodus as Hercules, ca. 191-192 CE; ivory relief of Christ crowning Emperor Romanos II and Empress Eudokia, 945-949; Rihanna’s “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” Met Gala ensemble (designed by Maison Margiela), 2018

05. Death and the Afterlife

Anayeli Arroyo Aguilera, Elizabeth Harris, Russell Lowell, and Wendy Martinez Rojo

Works of art discussed: Judgment of Hunefer before Osiris in the Book of the Dead, ca. 1285 BCE; sarcophagus lid with Larth Tetnies and Thanchvil Tarnai embracing, ca. 350-300 BCE; sarcophagus lid of Pakal the Great, ca. 683 CE; Kurt Wenner, Hell, 2007

06. Domes

Lindsay Doty, Jessica Elliot, and Bryana Sarsoza

Buildings discussed: Santa Costanza, Rome, ca. 350; church of Saint Mark, Venice, begun 1063; Shah-I Zinda funerary coplex, Samarkand, Uzbekistan, late 14th-15th century; Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA, 1983

07. Gender Roles

Jarimar Borges, Emma Conquest, Bethanie Daley, and Sara Johnson

Works of art discussed: Metropolitan Kouros, ca. 600-590 BCE; female figure holding a fly-whisk, ca. 250 BCE; seated Guanyin Bodhisattva, 11th-12th century; “Meet @JamesCharles: makeup artist, boundary breaker, and the newest COVERGIRL! Spread the word by regramming using #COVERGIRLJames,” @covergirl Instagram post, October 11, 2016

08. Heroes and Leaders

Riley Pawlewitz

Works of art discussed: colossal portrait of Constantine, 325-326 CE; Lee Mitchelson, portrait of Barack Obama, 2015

09. Religion and Power

Emma Axelrod, Cynthia Capps, Gawion Eaddy, and PJ Jimenez

Works of art discussed: Funerary mask of Tutankhamun, ca. 1327 BCE; Alexandros from Antioch-on-the-Orontes, Aphrodite of Melos (Venus de Milo), ca. 100 BCE; Marianos and Hanina, mosaic floor of the Beth Alpha Synagogue, Galilee, Israel, 6th century CE; photograph of Beyoncé performing at the Grammy Awards, 2017

10. Stone

Daniel Brewer, Jeffrey Delgado, and Samantha Ross

Works of art discussed: The Great Sphinx of Khafre, ca. 2520-2494 BCE; female figure holding a fly-whisk, ca. 250 BCE; ROMA Design Group and Lei Yixin, Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Washington, DC, 2011

11. Women in Art and Society

Steevenson Jean, Naz Newton-Jimenez, and Melissa Rivas-Triana

Works of art discussed: relief of Athena attacking the giants from the Pergamon Altar, ca. 175-150 BCE; Emperor Huizong (attr.), handscroll of ladies preparing newly woven silk, early 12th century; icon of the Annunciation to the Virgin, Church of the Virgin Peribleptos, Ohrid, Macedonia, early 14th century; Ariana Grande, God Is a Woman(music video), dir. Dave Meyers, 2018