Limited-edition craft book “The Sacred Family” launched in Cuba

Iman Arroyo

Professor Imna Arroyo and her book “The Sacred Family”

Professor Imna Arroyo launched the book The Sacred Family telling the story of the Orishas. Orula, the Orisha of Wisdom, second only to God, was a witness to the moment of creation. Able to divine destiny, controller of the four winds, Orula saw the creation of the solar system, the Orishas and human beings. The book launch was held August 2, 2013 at Casa de Africa in Havana, Cuba.

Arroyo created the 32 linoleum prints of the Orishas (Deities of the Yoruba Panheom). The images are accompany by descriptions written by Isis Mattei with book design by James Nicholas Winner-Arroyo. Further information on this book, its launch and Professor Imna Arroyo can be found at this link from the Havana Times.

Professor Imna Arroyo is an Art Professor and head of the Printmaking department.