President’s Award for Student Research & Creative Activity

The President’s Award for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity was funded in the Fall of 2016 by President Elsa Nuñez to recognize outstanding contributions in scholarly activities including inquiry and discovery. The award will be presented to two students who have demonstrated excellence in their scholarly work in any field of study. At Eastern, these activities are defined as:

Original intellectual or creative contributions to the student’s discipline carried out in conjunction with a faculty mentor, culminating in formal review of that work through presentations, exhibitions, and/or publications.

The work students and their mentors wish to present must meet all aspects of this definition. Thus, it must be work undertaken at Eastern with a faculty mentor on a project appropriate to one’s discipline.


Applicants must be sophomores and above, may come from any discipline, and must be currently enrolled at Eastern Connecticut State University. The work submitted must be a project completed outside of typical coursework. Internships are not considered appropriate unless they can be shown to meet the criteria above. Students are only eligible to receive one significant university-level award for any particular project. For example, Honors students who receive the Elliott Exceptional Thesis Award will be ineligible for the President’s Award unless a second project is submitted.

Criteria for Nomination

Be a full-time, undergraduate student at Eastern with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Be of sophomore standing or above.Be enrolled during the academic year in which the award is given.Have completed a significant piece of original work: a publication, presentation, or exhibition, where external venues are preferred.

 Award Presentation

The award will be presented at the CREATE Conference held each Spring. Awardees must be present to receive their award. Recipients of this award will receive a plaque and award of $1,000.00. The deadline for submission is 3/31/17 by 5pm.

President’s Award Nomination Form