Biology Students Present Research at 2 Conferences

Jacob Dayton has been accepted to present his research at the 40th Annual Meeting of the Waterbird Society in New Bern, North Carolina September 20-23. His research titled “Population Structure of the Eurasian Whiskered Tern (Chlidonias hybrida) a Species Exhibiting Demographic Expansion” was mentored by Dr. Patty Szczys.


3 other students mentored by Dr. Amy Groth presented their research at the 75th Annual Society for Developmental Biology on August 4-8. This international conference was held over the summer in Boston. The following is a list of student presenters and their research:


Elizabeth Del Buono “An Investigation of Odd-Skipped Homologs in C. elegans”

Katherine Burgos “The Effect of Simulated Microgravity on Neuronal Function and Development in C. Elegans”

Elizabeth Schoell ” Redundancy of Pax Family Genes in Caenorhabditis”

Eastern Chamber Singers Perform with Josh Grobin for 2nd Time


According to University Relations, “The Eastern Chamber Singers left such a positive first impression when they performed with singer/songwriter Josh Groban at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford this past fall that they were asked to perform with him again, this time at the Mohegan Sun Arena on July 29.”  They joined Groban on stage for “Dust and Ashes” and “You Raise me Up.”

34 Psychology Students Present at the 19th Annual CSU Psychology Day

On May 5, 2016, 34 students presented their research at the Annual Connecticut State University Psychology Day held at Southern Connecticut State University. Below is a list of the student presenters, project titles and their mentors:

Diana Santiago Agustin (Dr. Dracobly) “Correlation of Self-Esteem and Sexual Behavior”

Kaylei Arcangel (Dr. Dracobly) “The Relationship between Stress, Procrastination and Academic Performance”

Jesse Bober (Dr. Jin) “A Descriptive Study on College Students’ Sleep Problems”

Melanie Byrne & Royce Manifold (Dr. Jin) “The Effect of Melatonin on the Sleep Problems of Young Children Diagnosed with Autism”

Kailey Cassidy (Dr. Bachiochi) “Disability Identification”

Corrie Cirelli (Dr. Keyes) “Literature Review of School-Based Interventions for Children with ADHD”

Matthew Collin (Dr. Salters-Pedneault) “Relationship between Perceived Stress, Social Control and Alcohol Consumption in a College Sample”

Annalisa Erickson (Dr. Dracobly) “The Effects of Family Support and Early Adversity on Resilience”

Raquel Estrella (Dr. Salters-Pedneault) “Witnessed Victimization, Reports, and Help Seeking Attitudes”

Joseph Fazzino “Environmental Mission Statements’ Influence on Job Persuit, Attractiveness. and Perceived Fit”

Breanna Fortin (Dr. Salters-Pedneault) “Adverse Childhood Experiences, Resilient Traits and Life Satisfaction”

Sonja Gagnon (Dr. Keyes) “Differences in Family Functioning between Emerging Adults with Health and Unhealthy Eating Attitudes”

Michelle Gluhosky (Dr. Keyes) “Forms of Abuse as Discipline and the Impact on Children”

Jennifer Gumbulevich (Dr. Cousins) “The Interaction of Stress, Mobile Phone Use, and Nature Contact”

Ally Johnson (Dr. Bachiochi) “Effects of Religious Commitment and Sexual Compulsivity on Shame”

Marisa LaBrecque (Dr. Salters-Pedneault) “Permissiveness, Satisfaction, and Attachment Style”

Kyle Majewski (Dr. Keyes) “The Impact of Parental Incarceration on Children, Families and Communities”

Solveig Millet (Dr. Danforth) “Stress in Parents of Children with Cerebal Palsy”

Daniel Mueller “Gender, Gender Role and Sexual Orientation”

Amanda Perreault (Dr. Bachiochi) “The Impact of Emotional Intelligence and Ethnicity on Leadership Perceptions”

Stephanie Madden (Dr. Fugere) “Impact of Stereotype Threat on Mathematic Performance of Women”

Karinna Nazaario (Dr. Cousins) “Differences between Commuter and Residential Students, Involvement and Academic Performance”

Michael Pelletier “The Effects of Narcissism and Impulsivity on Empathy”

Rachel Pilver “Stress and Working Memory”

Melanie Ravo (Dr. Dracobly ) “Television Advertisement’s Effect on Children’s Food Preferences”

Meaghan Rodgers (Dr. Danforth) “High Rate Cell-Phone Use and Depression in Adolescents and Young Adults”

Kaylei Roux (Dr. Dracobly) “The Effects of the Color Red on Interest in a Relationship”

Kelsey Sanelli (Dr. Dracobly) “Does an Understanding of Disabilities and Behavioral Disorders Influence Perception of Individuals with Disabilities and Disorders?”

Rachel Scrivano (Dr. Salters-Pedneault) “The Relation between Socioeconomic Status, Life Satisfaction and Attitudes toward the Elderly”

Alexandra Steel (Dr. Bachiochi) “Pet Therapy, Mood and Social Facilitation”

Jordan Viens, Jessica Hynds, & Ryan Wood (Dr. Dracobly) “Variables that Influence Veteran’s and Members of the Armed Forces Success in College”


Biology Department Hosts Honor Society Conference with 11 Student Presenters

The Northeast Region 1 Conference of the Eta Omega Chapter of Beta Beta Beta Nation Honor Society met on the Eastern campus on Saturday, April 23rd. The following students presented their research as oral or poster presentations:

Jacob Dayton ” Genetic Diversity and Structure of Whiskered Tern Colonies in France, Ukraine and Poland to Assess Site Connectivity”

Sarah Denihan “Genetic Structure and Conservation of Common Terns in Manitoba Canada”

Ronald Kaiser “Effects of Desrt Scorpion Venoms on N2a Neuroblastoma Cells”

Katherine Burgos “The Effect of Simulated Microgravity on the Neuronal Function, Neuronal Morphology, and Development of the Nematode, Caenorhabditis Elgans”

Elizabeth DelBuono “An Investigation of Cleft Palate Related Factors in C. Elgans”

Holly Dutko “Effect of Insecticide Treatment on Resistance Mechanisms in Pachysandra”

Lillian Hyde “Molecular Evidence for Extra-Pair Paternity in Whiskered Terns”

Kailey Pisko “Can Microgravity Alter the Ability of the Brain to Self-Repair?”

Elizabeth Schoell “Studying Development in Caenorhabditis Elegans through RNAi-mediated Knockdowns of Pax Family Genes”

Gabriella Scoca “Effects of Odd-1 Loss of Function in C.Elegans Development”

Christina Welch “How Can We Coax the Brain to Self-Repair”


2 Students Selected as Summer Research & Creative Activity Fellows

Nicole Garcia (Performing Arts) will be working with her mentor Dr. Kristen Morgan on the project “Scenic Design, Two Gentlemen of Verona (the Musical).” The project will be completed during Summer Session C resulting in 3-D models of the sets. The project was completed and presented at the COPLAC Northeast Undergraduate Research Conference in Fall 2016 and has been submitted for presentation at NCUR.

Jacob Dayton (Biology) and his mentor (Dr. Patricia Szczys) will also be working during Summer Session C in writing up the results of the research project title “Population Structure of the Eurasian Whiskered Tern (Chlidonias hybrida) a Species Exhibiting Demographic Expansion.”  The project has been accepted for publication in Waterbirds. The citation is below:

Jacob Dayton, Mateusz Ledwon, Jean-Marc Paillisson, Nataly Atamas & Patricia Szczys (In Press). Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of the Eurasian Whiskered Tern (Chlidonias hybrid hybrida), a Species Exhibiting Range Expansion. Waterbirds

2 Students Selected for 2016 Library Research Awards

Christina Welsh (BIO) has been selected to receive the Freshman/Sophomore Award for her research titled “Effect of Different Substrates on the Transcription Level of the Lac operon in Escherichia coli.” Ms. Welch was mentored by Dr. James Camp.

Talia Erris (HIS) (Mentor: Dr. Caitlin Carenen) will be receiving the Junior/Senior Award for “Five Feet of Feminine Anarchy: Press Depictions of Emma Goldman From 1892-1901.”

Copies of both research papers can be found at 

23 Students Creative Writing Published in Eastern Exposure

Eastern Connecticut State University publishes a yearly magazine featuring creative writing by students. Eastern Exposure is published by the Eastern Writer’s Guild which is mentored by English Professor Dan Donaghy Ph.D. This year’s edition features work by the following students:

Alexis Ballirano
Nathan Boutin
Jonah Craggett
Alex Cross
Dakota Dolan
Tashanna Edwards
Quincy Farrow
Sean Gilmartin
Amanda-Marie Goode
Nicole Green
Lyla Maus
Kevin MacVane
Christopher Morris
Robin Morris
Elizabeth Pelletier
Amanda Perreault
Kyle Pratt
Julia Rathbun
Rebeca Rubin
Rachel Scrivano
Emily Shields
Renae St. John

Ash Wolk

2016 Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity Mentor Awards Recipients

At the 2nd CREATE Conference Opening Ceremony on April 15th, 2016, two Awards were presented for outstanding mentoring. Students nominated the professors that resulted in a pending publication and presentation at Regional and an International Conferences.

Dr. James Diller, Associate Professor in the Psychology Department t was nominated by his student, Brett Gelino. Bret’s research with Dr. Diller has resulted in a pending publication and presentation at the International Conference in Behavior Analysis. Brett has been accepted into a doctoral program in Behavior Analysis.


Dr. Jennifer Brown, Associate Professor in the Economics Department was nominated by her student Ian Peters for his project titled “It’s All Very Taxing: Interstate Tax Competition and the Balanced Budget”. Ian presented his research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (16′) and a Regional Mathematics conference.  Ian has been accepted into a Ph.D. program in Economics in Delaware.


Travel Grants Awarded to 2 Students to Present at Regional Conferences

Kenneth Saintonge’s (Mentor: Mary Kenny, Ph.D.) research titled “Communication Perspectives and Context in a Changing Technological Environment” at the 56th Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Anthropological Association. The conference took place from April 22-23rd at Skidmore College in Sarasota Springs, New York.

Jordan True  from the Economics Department presented at the Pennsylvania Economic Association Conference his work title “Sweep Programs: A New Aspect to an Old Game.”