Biology Department Celebrates 50th International Tropical Field Research Course in Costa Rica

Dr. Szczys accompanied 13 students to Costa Rica to conduct field research in several topic areas. Most students worked in groups of 3 to read the literature and design an experiment during the semester.  They then executed the experiment over about 6 days.  Upon their return to Eastern they will be analyzing their data to create posters of their work.  Several students are also planning on submitting their work for publication. Below are a list of students and their topic areas:

Jess Purick, Jacob Dayton, and Michelina Pinto worked on “Response to Visual (color) and Olfactory Cues of conspecifics by Dendrobates pumilio, the Strawberry Poison Dart Frog.”

Brianna Branncucio, Haley Grimason, and Nick Kukla worked on “The Effects of Auditory and Visual Predator Stimuli on Escape Behavior Strategies of Dendrobates auratus, the Green & Black Poison Dart Frog.”

Abigail Ridler, Connor Moran, and Alyssa Ryan collected data on “The Role of Pheromones in Trail Choice at an Obstruction on Atta cephalotes Trails”

Greg Carlson, Nate Murphy, and Belem Jimenez focused on the “Effect of Forest Density on Predation Rate of Aposematic and Non-Aposematic Snake Models”

 Melody Slater collected data on the “Operational Sex Ratio of Dendrobates auratus, the Green and Black Poison Dart Frog”