23 Biology Students Present at Conference with 7 Receiving Presentation Awards

The students below presented their research at the Eastern Colleges Science Conference held April 21st at Ithaca College:

Characterization Of A Novel Chicken Foot-Like Nodules (Cfn) Mutant Defective In Root Architecture And Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation In The Model Legume Plant Medicago Truncatula.  Roshani Budhathoki AWARD

Evidence For Horizontal Gene Transfer Of Xenobiotic Detoxification Genes In Sclerotinia Homoeocarpa.  Brieanna Fuentes


Investigating Alzheimer’s Disease Pathology: The Effects Of Reduced Astrocyte Beclin 1 On Retromer Trafficking And Receptor-Mediated Phagocytosis. Yuberki Delgadillo

Post-Glacial Expansion Of The Black-Clawed Scorpion, Anuroctonus Phaiodactylus (Wood, 1863). Haley Grimason & Alexis M. Powell AWARD

Establishing An Efficient And Effective Sampling Protocol For The Mudpuppy Salamander. Samuel Pallis

Characterization Of A Novel Mutant Trapezia With Enhanced Anthocyanin Accumulation In The Model Legume Plant Medicago Truncatula. Ramis Saleem

Analysis Of A Region Of The Cytochrome-B Gene To Examine Patterns Of Population Structure And Dispersal Of North American Black Terns (Chlidonias Niger). Stefanos Stravoravdis & Melody Slater

Discovering How Genes Interact: RNAI Screen for Transcriptional Regulators of Odd-Skipped Genes in C. Elegans. Jonathan Rappi & Amy Groth

Reassessment Of Inbreeding And Effective Population Size Of The Critically Endangered Common Term (Sterna Hirundo) Population In Bermuda. Abigail Ridler

The Scorpion Abdominal Microbe for Antibiotic Production. Lauren Atkinson AWARD

Conservation Implications Of The Temporal Changes In Genetic Diversity (1870s-2016) Among The Endangered Northwestern Atlantic Population Of Roseate Terns (Sterna Dougallii). Jacob Dayton AWARD

Population Differentiation Of The North American Black Tern: A Regional Population Genetics Study To Enhance Conservation. Megan Deacon

The Effect Of Microgravity On The Growth And Function Of Neural Cells. Ben Rumrill & Barbra Murdoch AWARD

Assessment Of Microglial Function In Brain And Blood Microenvironments. Lillian Hyde

The Effect Of Microgravity On Neuronal Cells. Carly Balskus

Phylogeography Of A Mountaintop Salamander, Plethodon Punctatus (Plethodontidae). Alexsis M. Powell & Haley C. Grimason AWARD

Site Fidelity, Fecundity, And Cohabitation Of Redback Salamanders In Connecticut. Lia Spencer-Dupret

Investigating The Mating System Of The Fungal Pathogen Neonectria Ditissima. James Kane

Identification Of Odd-1 And Odd-2 Target Genes Through Soaking Rna Interference Of Fluorescent Reporter Strains In Caenorhabditis Elegans. Christianne Senechal AWARD

Identifying the Scorpion Gut Microbe. Christopher Shimwell & Barbara Murdoch