2013-2014 Student Recipients of Travel/Project Grants and Fellowships


Manan Bhatt biology student,  (Mentor: Barbara Murdoch) will be supported this summer in continuing his research titled “Identification of Cells that Produce Neurons in the Chick Olfactory Epithelium” for the biology department. Once completed, the research will be presented at a regional and or national conference and submitted for publication.

Jessica Patrizi also from the biology department, will receive the 2nd Summer Fellowship to prepare her work for presentation and publication with Dr. Barbara Murdoch). Jessica’s project is titled ” Can Extracellular Matrix Molecules Enhance Neurogenesis in the Chick Olfactory Epithelium.”


The following students received Travel Grants that were used to present research and regional and national conferences:

Eric Cerino (Psychology) “Investigating Subjective Age, Level of Activity, and Depressive Symptoms in Older Adults.” Posters on the Hill, April 2014

Eastern Concert Chorale (Performing Arts) “John Rutter’s Requiem.” Carnegie Hall, NYC March 2014.

Mackenzie Fannon (Environmental Earth Science) “Kinematic Constraints on the Emplacement of Very Hot Rheomorphic Ignimbrites in the Southern Snake River Plain, Idaho.” Geological Society America NE Section Annual Meeting, March 2014.

Matthew Gonsalves (Environmental Earth Science) “Structural Evolution of the Soapstone Mountain Metagabbro Complex, Somers, CT.” Geological Society America NE Section Annual Meeting, March 2014.

Destinee Holmes (English) “Stepping Out: Encouraging Inclusivity and Differences In/Outside the Writing Center.” Northeast Writing Center Association, February 2014.

Rebecca Keenan (Mathematics) “Estimating the Volatility in the Black Scholes Formula.”  National Conferences on Undergraduate Research, April 2014.

Kacey Rainone (Communication) ” Slut: The Deconstruction and Recoding of a Defamatory Term.” National Conferences on Undergraduate Research, April 2014.

Jordan Sakal (Communication) “The Effect of Social Media on Political Awareness.” National Conferences on Undergraduate Research, April 2014.

Krysta Valerio (Health and Physical Education) “Real-Time Analysis at Sports Venues.” North American Society for Sport Management, May 2014.

Miles Wilkerson (History) “Nunca Olvide: Reframing Historical Discourse on Cuban Exile Terrorism.” Phi Alpha Theta NY Upper Regional Meeting, April 2014.


Dominique DuBois a student in the Biology Department Mentored by Dr. Szczys received the first Project Grant to continue their project titled “Genetic Analysis of Parentage in Whiskered Terns.” The grant will be used to continue genotyping their samples.